Vestel Electronics’ signature R&D capabilities have allowed us to take a step into the LEV Battery pack industry whilst becoming a world-renown market leader in consumer electronics and maintaining a major presence in the B2B Solutions sector.

From designing and developing your products from scratch to manufacturing BMS hardware and software, your product is designed and manufactured in-house with engineers using FMEA methodology and latest technology simulation tools to ensure design quality.

Utilizing our verified test facilities to perform extensive in-line testing of each unit in production.



  • EN 50604-1 certified. 
  • The pack successfully passed all the items of EN50604-1, including salt water immersion and crush tests.
  • Fully automated laser welding for better performance and long term reliability. 
  • Low & homogeneous resistance and durable connections of cells are ensured.
  • Liquid  Sealing Technology, which prevents components from coming into contact with the external frame, further preventing vibration and providing IP66 level water resistance confirmed and 100% tested during production.
  • 540Wh Battery Packs, more energy less space, with our new 21700 cells that able to deliver significantly higher currents with less heat generation and longer life time.
  • IP67 Magnetic connector for easy mounting.
  • Industrial grade ventilation preventing the formation of water condensation whilst balancing out the air pressure.
  • User-friendly IONIA app to monitor your battery.
  • USB Charging transforms the battery pack into a huge powerbank for mobile devices. 
  • Wireless servicing capability using our after sales support tools.